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The health and safety of our dancers is our first priority at Patty Harper Dance Studio. At this time, we are enforcing these guidelines for reopening the studio:

  • First and foremost, please do not bring your dancer to class if they are sick or have been exposed to anyone exhibiting signs of illness. 

  • The front door of the studio is ENTRANCE ONLY. Anyone exiting the building must exit through the back door of the building. 

  • Parents may drop their children off or escort them to the front door. No parents shall accompany dancers into the studio with the exception of our preschool dancers, who may have ONE chaperone. Please do not bring siblings or other children into the studio. Once your dancer is in class you must exit the studio. PICK UP YOUR DANCER PROMPTLY AT THE END OF CLASS!

  • DO NOT COME EARLY! Dancers can only enter the studio at their specific class time.

  • Please have your dancer properly dressed and ready for class when they arrive at the studio, with outside clothes over their leotard and a dance bag or backpack to keep their belongings tidy. Please pack your dancer a refillable water bottle as our water fountain is currently off limits. We are trying to keep the dressing rooms and common area traffic to a minimum to ensure cleanliness.

  • No one may wait inside the studio while classes are in progress.

  • All dancers will have their temperature taken temporally at the door. Anyone with a temperature over 99.9 degrees will not be permitted to enter the building. 

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in all classrooms, but we encourage all dancers to maintain healthy handwashing practices.  

  • Each dancer will have a number assigned to them and will have a coordinating spot on the floor of the classroom to ensure proper social distancing. 

  • At this time, facemasks will be required in the lobby, common, and pick up/drop off areas. Once in class, students may place their mask in their bag so their oxygen levels will not be affected during workouts. 

  • All classes will end 5 minutes early for the dancers to change shoes and go to Studio 3 to leave through the back door where you may pick them up, and the next class will enter through the front door. The alley is not paved, but very wide. Our door will be marked. You may walk up to the door to retrieve your dancer or you may stay in your vehicle and one of our helpers will escort your young dancer out. We will have an adult monitoring at all times to make sure each dancer exits the building into their designated vehicle safely. PICK UP YOUR DANCER PROMPTLY AT THE END OF CLASS!

  • All studios will be sanitized between each class. 

            We understand that these new guidelines within our studio are rigorous and may make some of you uncomfortable. We understand, but as we have said from the beginning of this ordeal, OUR DANCERS HEALTH AND SAFETY IS OUR MAIN PRIORITY. We will be monitoring how these new guidelines are working and we will implement changes as necessary. Thank you for being patient and understanding with us as we navigate this new and changing environment. 


Ms. Mary and the Patty Harper Dance Studio staff

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