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Once Upon a Christmas Eve

Final Notes - Read Carefully

Carefully read your new schedule for rehearsal times. Everyone has been great about the many rehearsals, coming on time and respecting other dancers and teachers. I am so proud of you!!

These are a few things to remember when you go to the theatre:

     1. Put your name in everything you take to the Civic Center.

     2. Bring lots of bobby pins and safety pins.

     3. Arrive early for your rehearsal and find your dressing room. You may wait in the audience until you are

         called to the stage.   

     4. Always bring your costume to the theatre in a covered bag. Leave them at the theatre throughout

         the rehearsals and performances. Never wear your costume outside!!!

     5. No panties under your costumes and always wear tights with feet!

     6. All hair should be slicked back out of your eyes and hairnets should secure all buns.             

     7. Dress rehearsal means costume and makeup!

     8. No food, soda, or gum backstage around any of the costumes!

     Please remember Ms. Mary is working when you get to the theatre. If you have any questions ask the stage managers. No one is allowed on the pit at any time during rehearsals and no horseplay in the audience or any other place in the theatre. No video cameras or flash photography allowed in the audience during the performances.

     Wayne Hennington will bein the red carpet lobby to take professional pictures Wednesday, Dec 6th from 5:30 - 8:30 and Thursday, Dec 7th from 5:30 - 8:30. Rob Westman will be backstage to take orders for a professional DVD.

     All soloist must make arrangements for your flower bouquets to be presented onstage. Please give them to the stage managers before your performance. Flowers for other cast members will not be taken onstage at curtain cal. Baack Florist will be backstage at rehearsal to take preorders and in the lobby at showtime.

     December's tuition must be paid before the show. No one will be allowed to perform with a past due account. Check in the office if you have questions about your account.

     All costumes, with no exceptions, must be returned to the studio on Monday, December 11th between 5:00 - 7:30. Do not wash anything, we will clean all the costumes, pack them, and return them to the warehouse until next year. This process takes many days of hard work, DON'T HOLD UP THE PROCESS!!!

     After the show, dancers will have no more classes at the studio unless they take a class that did not perform in the show such as lyrical or a beginning level class. We call this Christmas recovery! Classes will resume on January 8th.

     Parents, thank you so much for all your cooperation and patience over the past few months. Dancers thank you for all your hard work and time. I know we are going to have a great performance that we can all be proud of!!

Ms. Mary and Staff.



Please follow this schedule beginning November 27. Those of you that have not participated in "Once Upon A Christmas Eve" please look at this with an open mind and understand it is a group effort to produce such a professional show.


Monday Nov 27 - 6:00 - Tunnel Scene - WITH Snow Babies

                            7:15 - Act 1 Scene 1 - 5th Avenue - All Dancers and Extras

Tuesday Nov 28 - No Rehearsal - Downtown Parade

Wednesday Nov 29 - 6:30 - North Pole - NO Elves

Thursday Nov 30 - 5:30 - North Pole - WITH Elves

Friday Dec 1 - Reserved for Any Problem Areas

Saturday Dec 2 - 10:00 - 5th Avenue

                            12:00 - Lunch

                            1:00- Tunnel Scene - NO Snow Babies

                            2:30 - North Pole Scene - WITH Elves



After this sale, all tickets will go to the Civic Center Box Office at full price. Snow Babies can sit in the audience after intermission. They will need a ticket unless they sit in a lap. They will not come out at curtain call.

Sunday Dec 3 - 2:00 - 5th Ave Scene

                          3:30 - Tunnel Scene - WITH Snow Babies

                          4:30- North Pole Scene - NO Elves

Monday Dec 4 - 5:30 - Snowbird Pas De Due with Young Birds 

                           6:00 - Russian with Cossacks

                           6:45 - Navy Boys

                           7:30 Siberian

                           7:45 - Blue Ice

Tuesday Dec 5 - REST We reserve this date for anything that needs work!



***Never leave a rehearsal until Ms. Mary has given you notes and you are excused. Parents please be patient. We strive to end each rehearsal as early as possible.



Wednesday Dec 6 - 6:00 - Elves

                                 6:30 - North Pole

Thursday Dec 7- 6:00 - Snow Babies and Pilots

                            6:30 - Tunnel Scene WITH Snow Babies and Pilots

                            7:30 - 5th Avenue Scene

Friday Dec 8 - 6:00 - Run the Whole Show - NO Snow Babies

                        8:30ish - Run Understudies

Saturday Dec 9 - Morning Rehearsal if needed

                     6:00 - Warm-up - ALL Advanced Dancers!!

                     6:30 - All dancers backstage

                     7:00 - Showtime

All costumes must be returned to the studio Monday Dec 11, 5:00 - 7:30!   NO exceptions!!!!!!!!

A huge thanks to all the volunteers who signed up  to help this year. You are AWESOME!!!

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