Saturday Nov 16


10:00 - 11:30               Eskimo Skaters with Princess


1:30 - 2:45                    Snowbabies and Pilots      

2:45 - 4:30                    Tunnel Scene


Sunday Nov 17


1:30 - 4:00                   North Pole Scene with Elves































     As of November 26th, the regular schedule for those performing in the Christmas Show goes out the window!  We have two weeks to put together and polish a complete story.  Those of you that have not participated in "Once Upon a Christmas Eve", please look at this with an open mind and understand it is a group effort to produce such a professional show.

REMEMBER***Never leave a rehearsal until Ms. Mary has given you  notes and you are excuses.  Parents, please be patient.  We strive to end each rehearsal as early as possible.

Mon, Nov 26 -5:30 - Act 1 Scene 1-5th Avenue (both casts)

     All dancers and extras             

                         7:15 - Tunnel Scene--NO Snow Babies

Tue, Nov 27 - No Rehearsal - Downtown Parade

Wed, Nov 28 - 6:30 - North Pole Saturday cast - NO Elves

Thur, Nov 29 - 5:30 - North Pole Sunday cast - WITH Elves

Fri, Nov 30 - reserved for any problem areas


         10:00 - 5th Ave

         12:00 - Lunch

           1:00 - Tunnel Scene with Snow Babies

           2:30 - North Pole Scene with Elves

Sun, Dec 2 - SUNDAY CAST

          1:30 - 5th Ave

          3:00 - Tunnel Scene - NO Snow Babies

          4:00 - North Pole Scene - NO Elves

Mon, Dec 3 - Reserved for problem areas

Tue, Dec 4

         6:00 - Navy Boys

         7:00 - Snowbird Pas de Deux

Wednesday, Dec 5 - MOVE TO THEE ABILENE CIVIC CENTER --All  rehearsals in full costume and makeup!

        5:30 - Elves

        6:00 - North Pole (Saturday Cast)

        8:00 - Curtain Call

        8:30 - Double cast members

Thurs, Dec 6

        6:00 - Tunnel Scene with Snow babies and Pilots

        7:00 - 5th Ave scene (Saturday cast)

                    Run Russian Ballerina (Double) after

Fri, Dec 7 

        6:00 - Run the whole show (Sunday Cast) NO Snow babies

        8:30ish - Run double Casts


Sat, Dec 8 -Morning rehearsal if needed

        6:00 - Warm-up--ALL advanced Dancers!!!!!!!

        6:30 - All dancers backstage

        7:00 - SHOWTIME

Sunday, Dec 9

        1:00 - Warm-up

        1:30 - All dancers backstage

        2:00 - SHOWTIME

All costumes must be returned to the studio, Monday, December 10th between 5:00-7:30!  No exceptions!!!!!

A huge thanks to all the volunteers who signed up to help this year. You are AWESOME!

In the past we have asked elves to bring cookies to serve at Intermission,  This year we ask, so kindly, for donations to the cookie fund.  Our fabulous volunteers will purchase the cookies.  This tradition of providing complimentary cookies and milk adds to the spirit of Christmas that we love to give to our audience.  A cookie jar is located in the office for your donation.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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