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Why Choose Patty Harper?


At PHDS, we strive to cultivate a personal relationship with each of our students. Often, our studio becomes a dancer’s second home as they grow older and we aim to always provide a safe and nurturing environment for all of our dancers. The students growth is our teachers #1 priority, and we understand that patience is key. We always want your child to feel comfortable, cared for and special. 


All of the instructors at PHDS have decades of experience, both teaching class, taking class and performing. Our teachers are all Dance Master of America certified as well as Texas Educator certified to teach multiple levels of Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Acro Dance. Our goal is to foster the discipline and organization that is essential to the art.



Children are healthiest when they are simply allowed to be children. At PHDS, we focus on health and technique that does not need to have compromising actions or costumes. We do not introduce our young dancers to mature music or questionable lyrics. Our goal is to partner with you as a parent and always do what is best for your child. 


As with any physical activity, there is always a risk of injury in dance classes. At PHDS, our floors are specially constructed to reduce this risk. Each of our three studios have “sprung” floors designed to cushion the shock on our dancers knees and ankles. These floors are also covered with a vinyl mate called “marley” for a smooth surface and greater traction to avoid falls. Our instructors will never instruct a dancer to attempt anything hazardous, and we encourage all students to take any injuries seriously, and never push through injuries that they should be resting. 



Being placed in the proper class is important for maximum growth. Dancers should be in a class where they are challenged to grow and learn, but not feel as they are in over their head. At PHDS, we re-evaluate students at mid-year to make sure all of our dancers are progressing as needed.


PHDS has two major productions each year. In December, we perform our annual Christmas Show and in June we have our Spring Recital. PHDS also offers unique experiences and trips for additional training and performance opportunities. Our dancers have performed at Disney World, on multiple Carnival cruise ships, and New York City just to name a few. 


As we stated in the beginning, PHDS is a second home for many of our dancers. We truly believe that we are a family and we treat each other as such. We love our students dearly and we are honored that you allow us to be a part of their lives. 



A dance studio’s quality is often determined by the results achieved. PHDS is proud of our many dancers that have continued their dance journey beyond our studio. We have students now directing their own studios across the United States, dancers that have received dance degrees from many reputable universities and colleges, dancers performing in college and professional drill teams, dancers in theatre productions, from small towns to Broadway, dancers coaching arts programs across the nation, and dancers dancing professionally on cruise ships across the seas. We are so proud of the thousands of dancers we have had the great opportunity to teach and mentor that left our studio with a stronger, heightened confidence and self esteem to master whatever they chose in life. 

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