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​​Patty Harper Dance Studio

January Newsletter

Happy New Year

Dear Dancers and Parents,
     2023 is here. Everyone at PHDS sends warm wishes for you and your
family. It's a new year and a new chance to insure our quest to give you our best
in the way of dance instruction.

Recital 2023

     PHDS will present “This Is A Few Of Our Favorite Things” on Sunday, June 4th at the Abilene Convention Center. Dress rehearsal will be Saturday, June 3th so mark your new calendars NOW! 

     “This Is A Few Of Our Favorite Things“ is a dancing collection of fun and entertaining performance pieces showing the wide range of techniques that are celebrated at PHDS. All classes will participate in this show. Performance pieces will be learned in their regular classes. Some dancers may be invited to perform in our opening number to celebrate this, our 54th Recital.


     Costumes must be ordered soon. Please let us know immediately if your dancer will not be performing in our spring show. 


     Costume Contracts are being passed out in your dancers class. All contracts must be signed and returned to the office ASAP. We will not order a costume for your dancer without this signed document! A $35.00 Costume Deposit (per
Dancer not per class) is due in January. A $35.00 Recital Fee is due in February.

      All ordered costumes and their prices will be posted in the lobby in February. Some costumes will be hand-made and prices will be posted as soon as possible.

     All costumes must be paid in full by April 15th.

     More information will be emailed in our monthly newsletters and posted to our Facebook page but always feel free to discuss any questions with your teachers.

Once Upon A Christmas Eve- Wrap up

     Our Christmas show was a huge success this year. We are so proud of all the fabulous dancers. Thank you again for all the volunteers that helped make this show so much fun. We paid all the bills, made enough to store the sleigh, and locked down all the necessities for next year! I sincerely appreciate the support I received throughout the stress filled days and long rehearsals leading up to the show.

So grateful and blessed,

Ms. Mary

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